Gear List

microphones and headphones

SE Electronic Reflection Filter

Beyerdymanic D-100 headphones x9

Beyerdymanic DT-770 & DT-990 headphones

Neuman U87 condenser microphone

Rode NT2-A condenser microphone x2

Rode NT3 condenser microphone x2

AKG C1000s condenser microphone x2

AKG D12 microphone

AKG D320 B microphone x2

Technics Headset condenser microphone

EV N/D257B microphone

EV N/D408 microphone

Shure SM58 microphone x2

Shure SM57 microphone x2

Milab hemi-mike

PZM x2


outboard processing and effects

Focusrite Green channel strip

TL Audio Ivory VP-5051 valve compressor and EQ x2

Behringer Composer compressor x2

Drawmer dual gates x2

TC Electronics Finaliser

TC Electronics Voice One

TC Electronics M2000 multi effects

Lexicon MPX-1 multi effects

Roland SRV 2000 multi effects

Yamaha SPX90 multi effects

ART LTX multi effects

Alesis Microverb

Dynacord EQ215 Stereo Graphic Equalizer

POD Line6 guitar effects

POD Line6 bass guitar effects

Fostex D5 DAT player/recorder

Aiwa DAT player/recorder

Sony compact disc player

Sony mini disc player/recorder

recording digital

Tascam 2400 In-line desk 24-8-2 and 48 on mixdown

Fostex D2424LV, 24 track recorder, 24 bit hard disk recorder

Fostex D160, 16 track recorder, 16 bit hard disk recorder

Alesis ADAT, 8 track recorder, 20 bit

Carillon quad processor music PC

Macbook Pro Laptops for mobile recording

Steinberg Cubase 5 pc based software

M-Audio 2626 Audio Interface

MOTU 828 Audio Interface

Plug-Ins from Waves, Oxford, Spectrasonic, Altiverb, URS, Lexicon & many, many more !!!!!!!

keyboards and sound modules

Yamaha Clavinova Digital Piano

Nord Electro 3 73

Roland G600 & G800 keyboard

Korg TR-Rack sound module

Korg Wavestation SR sound module

Korg Poly 800 keyboard

Proteus Pop/Rock sound module

Yamaha TX81Z sound module

Yamaha DX7 keyboard

Burlman & Co upright piano

Linn Akai drum sampler

Many, many virtual instruments, from Spectrasonics, Native Instruments, Steinberg, Synlogy Ivory Piano etc


Gibson Epiphone semi-acoustic 6 string

Ovation Balladeer acoustic 6 string

Fender Telecaster 6 string

Fender Stratocaster 6 string

Hayman electric 6 string

Peavey Milestone bass 4 string

Aria Pro 2 XRB series active bass 4 string


KRK VXT6 monitors

Tannoy Berkley monitors

Tannoy PBM6.5 monitors

Tannoy T115 monitors

Yamaha NS10 monitors

recording analogue

Tascam 85-16B, 16 track 1” analogue tape machine

Revox PR99 ¼” mastering tape machine


16 channel Mackie with effects rehearsal PA

1200w JBL Monitor System

Ludwig Grey Pearl Drum Kit

Peavey Classic Guitar Amp

Peavey 700w Bass Rig

Various backline amps and cabinets, inc Marshall, Orange etc

Various microphone stands

Various music stands

Various screens and partitions