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Rock Of My Life

Track Info

  1. If Love Dont Make You Happy What Will
  2. Rock Of My Life
  3. A Wiser Man
  4. Judgement Day
  5. Indigo
  6. So Lucky
  7. Rock N Roll You've Been A Good Friend To Me
  8. Come Around To My Way
  9. I'm In Love With You
  10. Love's In Trouble
  11. Ain't Nothing Better
  12. Closer To Believing
  13. Wings On My Heels
  14. Strongest Branch (Male)
  15. I Wanna Be Your Lover
  16. When Love Goes Wrong
  17. Love Has No Pride
  18. No Rules Apply
  19. Strongest Branch (Female)
  20. My Kinda Music
  21. Obsession
  22. Listen To My Heart
  23. One Day This Song Is Gonna Make Somebody Famous
  24. Ignite
  25. Living Inside A Dream
  26. Wild Love
  27. Love Tonic

The Singers

David Valentine

David co-wrote the songs with Al. He also produced and played many of the instruments.

Colin Chisholm

Colin is a singer from Edinburgh. He was a member of Bilbo and had a UK #42 hit with them called "She's Gonna Win" and provided background vocals for the Runrig album The Big Wheel, including for the song "Hearthammer", which made #25 on the UK Singles Chart. Also a 2013 Finalist "The Voice" UK.

Al Scott

The ideas man! Al came up with the lyrics and tunes while working as an Edinburgh Taxi Driver. It was all sung into a dictaphone, and then magically transformed into these songs. With a bit of encouragement Al also sang a few tracks, his passion really cuts through.

Amanda Lyon

Born an Aberdeenshire girl with a voice to match any on the global stage, Amanda has pursued a vocal career which has seen her tour, co-write and record with artists such as; ‘Ray Wilson’ (ex Genesis vocalist), ‘Runrig’, The ‘Kane Gang’ and ‘Horse’. She has performed in Theatre, TV and has to date released two of her own solo albums, ‘One Chance’ and “My Celtic Soul’.

Aliz Campbell


Chris Peebles

The gritty vocals of charismatic singer Chris is great for storytelling songs.

Signe Jakobsen

Signe is the Canadian former front‑woman of the band Minerva, but is now based in the UK and has been working as a solo singer‑songwriter since 2006. A number of her songs have been aired on commercial radio, as well as in film and television.

Alan Laing


Dougie Cochrane


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